Strange Magic 

It's hard to deny that a large portion of what we experience in life is unexplainable.

It was there before we were ever born and it will be here far after we are gone.

In my chapter of the new book

I speak about my  journey thus far in discovering the beauty of the unknown

Hello Beloved,

Haus of Volta was started to bring love to those who feel unloveable, either as breast cancer patients, Metastatic warriors, or those who suffer with body dysmorphia , our aim has always been to spread love. Mentoring as many people as approach me for assistance, I am but one person. But many of us love and light givers have teamed up in writing chapters in an upcoming book.

I want to invite you to the “Love Revolution Giveaway” my Colleagues and I are donating our free gifts in hopes of supporting you even more. Love Revolution is a grassroots project by Mia Saenz.

Now here is Mia.

I am so grateful you are here reading this. I want to share this quote with you from the upcoming book “Love Revolution, Stories That Radically Change the Ideas of Love.”

"Love is worthy of everyone. Everyone is worthy of Love. What if you understood you are a miracle? What if you understood you are worth everything. I believe you are. Welcome to Love Revolution."

I am very excited to welcome you to Love Revolution Giveaway. This Giveaway is the first of its kind. The “Love Revolution Giveaway” is all about love and learning in all the areas of life that are important; self-love, body-love, relationships, wellness, and business.

The power of all these Teachers, Coaches, and Leaders coming together to support you along your journey in one place is unheard of. The power is in these heart-centered Contributors and here is why:

o Changing lives is Number 1 to each of us

o Our goal is to have 100+ participants

o We will be adding participants on a regular basis, to get to this goal, so keep checking back.

o This is the largest free gift learning annex of its kind

o We are committed to helping you grow to the heights you want to go

My theory is, information should be available. I believe each person should have the same advantages as the next person. There are so many Coaches and Teachers who have these free gifts to support people with self-growth work and healing.

What’s wonderful is you have immediate access to an entire volume of teachings, meditations, reports, eBooks, courses and more. It’s all here as a digital download for your easy access.

It’s an amazing gift to the world to have all this information at your figure tips with no cost. Yes, that’s right it is free. 

Enjoy your immediate access into self-love, body-love, relationships, wellness, and business.

Become a beloved and get weekly emails from me with magical self love videos, tips and tricks to finding more love in your everyday life. Plus one free photo shoot for Southern California residents and mentoring from me should you choose. 

Big Love to you,