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Haus of Volta is a collective designed to help young people affected by breast cancer and poor self esteem, to feel beautiful in their bodies and live mindfully after treatment.

Regardless of conformity to a beauty standard we teach people they are their own definition of Beauty.

Beauty is not attained in perfection but rather in the confidence that comes from accepting the potential in what you have.

Founder Stori Nagel, lived with self loathing and hated her body until 2012 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Encouraged by her huband to start modelling, she was transformed mentally by the process. Beginning to see herself as beautiful after all of the breast cancer surgeries, she saw  her fellow survivors struggling to feel the same. Along with her husband they created Haus of Volta in 2015.

What does Haus of Volta mean?

Designed to be an enigma and create curiousity 

Haus comes from the fashion "House" term that encompases multiple brands and ideas like "House of Gaga"

The German spelling of House "Haus" gives a nod to the founders European Heritage.

Since 2006 Miss Stori has dedicated her personal research into self improvement after personal starvation to attain weight loss caused adrenal fatigue resulting in a hypersensitivity to subtle electromagnetic frequencies. She began seeing and feeling these frequencies, thus the research to understand them began. As a nod to this ability we pay homage to Alessandro Volta, the creator of the battery and the measurement for electricity, volts.

Since 2015 together they have helped over 70 young breast cancer and metastatic cancer patients become confident in their post treatment bodies and live a better quality of life. Teaching each how to best highlight their unique shapes and to manage PTSD, anxiety, depression & stress by more natural means like exercise, and meditation.

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