What do you think about Love?


I am really asking you this? What do you think about Love?


How does it make you feel? Do you have emotion around it? Does it call you to come and play? Or do you think it's for others?


Love is like Oxygen until you have it nothing else matter.


So why do so many people obsess about it


Do you agree? Keep reading please and I'll share more.


My colleague/friend, Mia Saenz of Women Making Miracles™ has created a reoccuring online show called "Make Love Real: How to Create More Love in Your Life". She has invited me to be a Featured Guest for one of the episodes. Together with several expert professionals in the field of Love and Relationships. We have gathered to support you in your love relationship whether its self-love, romantic love, understanding love, healing with and through love, we have it all.


There is nothing scary about love when you can see it through the eyes of love.


Many struggle, because they don't feel love. Let me tell you, you are loved. You were born loved and to be loved, and you can be nothing but love. This is a totally different approach than, I don't like myself so I cannot have love or have someone love me. That is the biggest lie that this industry has put on humanity.


I'm going to share with you a secret. Yes, a secret. We are not taught how to love as children. Our parents were young and they did the best they could bless their hearts. The majority of people were not taught how to love themselves. Society has put up so many roadblocks that we literally need now to go in and teach ourselves love, gentleness, and respect. This is where the magic happens. It's never too late to have a deep love that you can feel through your body and in every cell. You feel the depth so rich because it combines with your emotions.

If you have been on your own inner personal journey, awesome! You will discover new tools, that support you.


What would it be like to feel the depths of love and move past areas that you are unaware of that are holding you back? Move past the fear, pain, sorrow, loneliness, and even illness into a joy-filled and loving life. And if you are already past those stages, this show will still support you.


We would love to have you join us. We'd love to support you on your journey. This online show is absolutely Free. Why wait when you can be supported by so many amazing, loving, and successful professionals.


Are you to experience this and more?


If you’re ready to experience real, lifelong change into love, we invite you to join us for "Make Love Real: How to Create More Love in Your Life".